Is Kingsman a better James Bond series than James Bond?

This trailer dropped this morning and the movie looks absolutely outrageous in the best way. But it got me thinking, are the Kingsman movies better modern Bond movies than the Daniel Craig ones? Don’t get me wrong the latest Bond series is pretty good and definitely better general movies than the Brosnan ones (not counting Golden Eye obviously). But Bond was never a serious series, the whole point of it was to be campy and cheesy and have crazy impossible gadgets to get out of any situation. Craig’s movies don’t have that. They’re dreary and serious movies about a special agent who kills people. Still good but not what made the Sean Connery movies classics. Watch this quick video of some of the Bond gadgets:

I can’t see Daniel Craig using many, if any, of those in his movies. But Kingsman literally does use some of them in the first one and judging from the trailer above I’d bet that some of the others will probably make an appearance in the new one. Hoping that after Craig actually does retire from the character they try to go back to the campy roots of the characters but hey, in the meantime we at least get these Kingsman movies.

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