Comic Con Movie Info Dump

Here’s all the movie trailers, posters, and updates from Comic Con this weekend. If I missed anything big let me know and I’ll add it in.

20th Century Fox

Fox had a small year this year and really only promoted one movie, Kingsman: Golden Circle. New trailer dropped on Thursday and the movie looks even better than the first one:

First movie really caught me by surprise since the trailers for that one weren’t all that good but this looks like they finally figured out how to market these movies and capture the tone. They also released this 3 minute short that I’m going to be incredibly sad if it doesn’t get turned into an episode of Archer in the future:

Finally, Fox also announced they’re making a Doctor Doom movie. The bad guy from all of the past Fantastic Four movies. I don’t know how I feel about this because he could have an awesome movie. He’s basically evil Dr. Strange and that movie was dope as hell but it’s also Fox and they made all the Fantastic Four movies which are horrible. We’ll have to wait and see on that.



Universal doesn’t have a ton coming out to promote but they did finally release a “trailer” for the new Pacific Rim. I put it in quotation marks because it seems more like viral marketing for the movie than an actual trailer.

Hopefully with them releasing this it means we’ll be getting more marketing and trailers soon. I know people shit on the first film for having not the best acting and a cheesy plot but it’s giant robots fighting giant monsters. It was perfect for what it was and I can’t wait to see these new robots fight new monsters.



Ant-Man & the Wasp

Only update on this movie is that Disney announced Laurence Fishburn and Michelle Pfeiffer have joined the cast as Bill Foster and Janet van Dyke respectively. Not too familiar with Bill Foster but Janet was a badass in the comics and was set up as being trapped in that weird micro universe in the last Ant-Man so hopefully we get Michelle Pfeiffer doing some cool shit in this next movie. Edit: Here’s a new poster too!

antman and wasp.jpg

Avengers: Infinity War

Disney showed a trailer for this but hasn’t released it online at the time of this writing and I can’t find a leaked copy that’s not immediately pulled down. Hopefully they release it soon because the footage sounds awesome as hell. Basically Thanos shows up on earth and starts fucking things up, Thor teams up with the Guardians of the Galaxy and leads them to Earth to fight Thanos, and it ends with Thanos blowing up a planet/moon and throws it at the Avengers. Edit: as I was about to post this I found a leaked copy of the trailer. Head over to Monkey Fighting Robots to watch it but I’m not sure how long they’ll have it up. They did release this poster though which looks dope as hell:

infinity war.jpg

Captain Marvel

No huge updates here other than it’ll be set in the 90s and Samuel L. Jackson is going to be back as Nick Fury but without his eyepatch. Also the villains will be aliens named the Skrull:


Black Panther

Nothing huge for this but they released two new posters (seen below):

black panther1black panther2

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor got probably the hardest marketing push of these movies at Comic Con because it’s coming out this fall and it looks awesome. It’s pretty much Thor mashed up with all the cool things from Guardians of the Galaxy. Check out the new trailer here:

Awesome seeing Thor and Hulk hanging out and seeing them put together a team. I won’t spoil anything for people who don’t know already but the fact that they’re making Cate Blanchett (which her in goth makeup definitely does it for me) the goddess of Death means she’ll going to be a huge villain and important for the next few movies. Also we get to see Hulk fight a Fire god/demon thing. That’s worth the ticket price alone. Here’s also the new poster:


Warner Bros.

Blade Runner 2049

Nothing too crazy here but it’s being editing together and the current cut of the movie is two and a half hours. Check out the panel highlights here:

DC Movies Overview

Warner Bros announced the 8 DC movies they currently have in the pipeline which are: Suicide Squad 2, The Batman, Shazam, Justice League Dark, Flashpoint, Wonder Woman 2, Green Lantern Corps, and Batgirl. Out of all of these the only ones I’m actually excited for are The Batman and Wonder Woman 2. Suicide Squad was a train wreck and I don’t know how they’ll recover from that – I’d just have the characters pop up in other movies instead of focusing on them 100% again. Shazam could be interesting but the Rock is playing Black Adam and won’t be appearing in this movie – supposedly so he can get his own origin film before fighting Shazam. Justice League Dark has been in development since The Dark Knight so I don’t think it’ll ever actually get made. Flashpoint is an awesome story and I’m actually pumped they’ll be making it BUT it shouldn’t be the first Flash movie. That’s one of the largest storylines he has and they’re wasting it before they even properly introduce important characters to that story. Green Lantern Corps could be good but they haven’t released much info on it yet and the last GL movie was trash so I’m biased because I hate that I paid money to see it in theaters. Oh and there have been a ton of rumors that Ben Affleck is trying to leave Batman but he denied it? I don’t think that really settles anything though because he’s there promoting a DC movie and would definitely be an idiot and breaking some part of a contract if he said “oh yeah I hate working with Warner Bros and am trying to stop playing Batman, the role of a lifetime, but you should go see the next movie!”

Justice League

I decided to do this one separate from the other DC movies since it’s coming out soon and got a ton of separate marketing. They dropped the latest trailer which you can see below.

I’m still really skeptical about this one since Batman vs Superman was incredibly bad but I have to admit this trailer got me kind of pumped for the movie. Wonder Woman looks badass and awesome as usual, the Flash is starting to win me over despite not liking the actor originally, and Jason Mamoa I’m pretty sure was born solely to play Aquaman. I was one of the few who liked Batfleck in BvS (despite the rest of the movie) so I’m hoping he continues to be awesome but the trailers haven’t convinced me that he will be yet – from what I’ve seen he just looks to be there for other characters to bounce off of. Not that there’s anything wrong with a straight man but it’s typically a less exciting role. Plus hints of Superman coming back to fuck shit up at the end of the trailer. Or the Green Lantern. Someone cool though. They also released a really cool Alex Ross inspired Justice League poster. Check out the poster and the inspiration below:

justice league posterjustice league inso

And finally here’s the highlights of the panel:


Warner bros dropped a kind of lackluster poster for IT. Personally I think it would have been much better without all the kids on it but I’m sure someone out there is already working on photoshopping them out so I won’t waste my time. Check out the poster below and I’ve also included a description from EW on the footage they showed but unfortunately that hasn’t been released yet:


Scene 1

The shot opens on a summer afternoon. Picture perfect sky. A forest of emerald leaves. And five white blotches standing on a cliff.

This is only part of The Losers Club — Bill Denbrough (Midnight Special’s Jaeden Lieberher), whose little brother Georgie was snatched by It the autumn before; wisecracking Richie “Trashmouth” Tozier (Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard); small-fry and hypochondriac Eddie Kaspbrak (Jack Dylan Grazer); the logical, prepared Boy Scout Stan Uris (Wyatt Oleff), and chubby Ben Hanscom (Jeremy Ray Taylor).

Ben’s belly has a massive bandage on it, covering the “H”-shaped scar left there when the psychopathic local bully Henry Bowers (Nicholas Hamilton) tried to carve his name on the heavyset boy’s stomach.

These are happier times, though. The five boys are clad only in their tighty-whities, and they’re peering over the edge of the cliff into the green water of a quarry below. They spit over the side, trying to gauge how long the drop really is. Soon, they’re quarreling over who is going to be the first to take the leap.

“I’ll go,” says a voice from behind them. It’s Bev Marsh (Sophia Lillis), the tomboy with the scarlet hair. She parks her bike and removes her sundress in seemingly one motion.

The boys are dumbstruck. She’s not showing anything that a bathing suit wouldn’t reveal, but still… The boys would probably fall backward off that cliff if they had to look at her a moment longer.

But they can’t, because she’s rushing past them, not hesitating. Then she’s in mid-air, legs pedaling nothingness as she plummets fearlessly into the deep.

“Holy s–t, we just got showed up by a girl,” one of them snaps.

With that, each of them plops over the side — and the six kids, tormented relentlessly at school and each dealing with complications and pain at home that force them to grow up before their time, are finally just kids again. Splashing. Swimming. Stealing looks at beautiful Bev, who pretends not to notice.

Respect for their friend finally overwhelms their hormones, and the boys stop leering.

Then they’re all drying off on the rocks, and Ben — the newest of the friends — pulls out a little local history project he’s been putting together. “I first moved here, I didn’t have anybody I knew. So I just started spending time at the library.”

“You went to the library… on purpose?” Richie sneers.

There are newspaper clippings about an Iron Works explosion that claimed scores of lives. Another about “The Black Spot,” an African-American dance club that was burned down in 1962 by a group of racists — with lots of people inside.

“Why is it all murders and missing kids,” one of them asks.

“Derry’s not like any town I’ve ever been in before,” Ben answers. “They did a study once, and it turns out people die or disappear here at six times the national average.”

“You read that?” Bev asks.

“That’s just grown-ups. Kids are worse. Way worse,” Ben says. “I’ve got more stuff if you want to see it…”

Stan shakes his head. He doesn’t.”

Scene 2

There is a seventh Loser — Mike Hanlon, played by Chosen Jacobs, who is one of the only black people in the town of Derry, so he deals with abuse and hostility on a constant basis. He gets it worst of all from the bully Henry Bowers, who learned his hatred of Mike from his racist father, who in the book has spent years tormenting the Hanlon family.

Henry and his two cronies, Belch Huggins (Jake Sim) and Victor Criss (Logan Thompson), have chased Mike to a creekside, where they’ve pinned his face against the rocks. Outnumbered, Mike’s eyes search desperately for help. What he sees is a clown, watching him from the treeline.

The clown waves a hand… but it’s not his hand.

It’s a child’s hand, ripped off at the elbow. Pennywise (played by Bill Skarsgard) has been nibbling on the raw end, based on the blood smeared around his smile.

Mike squints. He can’t believe what he’s seeing. He doesn’t know it yet, but the demented glee the bullies are taking in beating on him is what drew It from its lair. Either they’re feeding off of It, or It is feeding off of their manic violence.

Maybe both.

The boys become even more unhinged. As Mike struggles, Henry lifts a softball-sized rock and raises it over his head, prepared to bash in the black boy’s skull.

Before he can bring it down, another rock whistles through the air and slams into the side of his own head. Henry reels back, stunned. The bullies look across the stream to see the six Losers.

Bev is standing closest, shoulders back, breathing hard. Braced for a fight. “Nice throw,” Stan tells her.

Ben, who has tasted violence from these guys before, isn’t about to let them do the same to another kid. He picks up another rock and hurls it across the stream.

“ROCK WAR!!!” Richie bellows as the bullies retaliate with a stone to the center of his forehead, knocking him on his ass.

After a barrage of rocks between the two groups, the bullies are wounded and Henry’s two friends limp off into the woods in retreat.

Richie, recovering from his hit, calls Bowers a “mullet-wearing a—hole!” as the bully recognizes defeat and chases after his friends.

Then we cut to train tracks (more Stand by Me vibes) and Mike is walking in the single-file line of his newfound friends as they cut a path through a field. “Thanks, guys, but you shouldn’t have done that. He’ll be after you too now,” he says.

“I guess that’s one th-th-th-thing we all have in common,” says Bill, who is also teased for his stutter. “Welcome to the Loser’s Club.”

Both those scenes sound amazing to me and like they’ve really captured the feel of the book in a way the old tv movie/series never did. As someone who’s read the book more than once I’m pretty pumped to finally get a good adaptation of it.

Ready Player One

This trailer dropped for Spielberg’s new movies and I’m not sure what to think of it honestly. I’ve never read the book it’s based on but I’ve heard it’s pretty divisive on people either loving or hating it. I saw way too many cameos to characters list them all out but needless to say it’ll at least be cool to see all these characters/movies come together in the film. Plus this is the movie T.J. Miller was working on with Spielberg when he decided to quit Silicon Valley.

ready play one poster.jpg



So when Netflix announced this movie awhile ago I kind of wrote it off because it sounded really dumb to me. Then they released a few 15 and 30 second promos and I wrote it off because it looked really dumb. THEN they released this trailer at Comic Con and now I’m officially 100% on board. It looks like End of Watch (all time must watch if you haven’t seen it yet) mixed with some fantasy Lord of the Rings stuff and I’m loving how they did it. Netflix’s TV shows have all been on point and get a ton of recognition but only their first movie, Beasts of No Nation, has impressed me. Everything since then has ranged from meh to okay so hopefully this makes people take notice and starts an era of good movies from them too.


That’s the end of my movie news/trailers recap from Comic Con. I’ll be working on getting a TV one up this week when time permits with my real job. As I mentioned at the top if I missed anything big let me know and I’ll throw it in.


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