Wake up with this creepy ass trailer about Dahmer

There’s no doubt about it. Jeffrey Dahmer is one of, if not the, creepiest guys one the planet but I couldn’t stop watching this. Like you should this movie is going to be super fucked up but definitely worth seeing. I don’t know what it is but it happened with the Jinx, Making a Murderer, and about a bajillion other tv shows/movies. People just love seeing how these psychopaths start out and what drives them. Haven’t read the book it’s based on so not sure if this is accurate but the trailer made it seem like they’d also be trying to make him seem misunderstood/sympathetic at least in the beginning. Really hope they don’t try to humanize him too much because this isn’t Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones where it’s all made up and okay to root for the bad guy. He was (too lazy to fact check but assuming he’s dead now) a real person and actually killed people so he definitely needs to be portrayed as a monster.

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