I love Star Wars but Rian Johnson and Mark Hamill can fuck off

They don’t get to tell me not to watch trailers. That’s not how this works. They KNOW what happens in the movie – we don’t. That’s why we need every little bit of marketing that Disney is going to shove down our throats between now and December. I need to see the same shots in a different order 5 times between now and then. And don’t think that’s wrong – a lot of movies and studios suck at marketing without spoiling things but Disney knows everyone and their grandma is going to see this movie so they don’t really need to show stuff. Just look at the trailers for Force Awakens:

Now look at the trailer for Last Jedi:

Yes they’re all awesome as hell but they all don’t show us much of the story. I have 100% faith that Disney will do the same thing and just show us awesome snippets that unless you analyze like a psychopath you won’t be able to figure out the story. So love you Mark and Rian but please fuck off.

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