Game of Thrones: S07E05 Recap & Review


Welcome to my first season of reviews of Game of Thrones. I’ve read all the books and have taken a deep dive on the book subreddit so I’ll be writing from the perspective of someone who has read George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and may reference book theories/spoilers.

So right off the bat I have to say this felt like the slowest episode of the season, worse than the first one even. Not that it was bad or accomplished nothing (been seeing that take online all morning) just that it slowed down and reset everything for the last couple of episodes. That being said, it may have just been the pacing of the scenes that made it seem slow because a shit ton of things actually happened this week.

roast tarly.jpg

Starting with the aftermath of last week’s Loot Train Attack (what the showrunners are calling it) I was honestly surprised to see Bronn and Jaime get away from the fight. I get that Dany was busy worrying about Drogon and they were actually really close to Kings Landing but it still felt off to me that neither the Dothraki on their own or after Tyrion tells them to captured the two of them. Hell it would have made more sense in the long run to capture them and then have the meeting with Tyrion and Jaime and have them release Jaime to go back to Cersei to offer their terms. But anyways apparently Tyrion and Varys still don’t agree with using the dragons even though Dany was smart and used Drogon to only attack an army when there would be no innocents near by. What did they expect a dragon to do during a war? Not blow people the fuck up? I’m still team Dragon but Tyrion and Varys kind of need to realize that using them in war against your enemies in a way that injured exactly ZERO civilians isn’t Dany being the next Mad King. It’s her being smart.

jon and dany.jpg

Next we get one of the more exciting parts to me (and I imagine most book readers) with Dany returning back to Dragonstone and having Drogon immediately fly up to Jon and being cool with him because of his Targareyen blood. Nice to see a hint that Jon will eventually ride one of the dragons (most likely Rheagal since it’s named after his dad). Here we have everyone gathering and agreeing that the White Walkers are about to be a huge fucking problem for the whole realm since Bran saw them almost getting to Eastwatch. Also Jorah finally makes it back to Dany and throws a little side-eye at Jon when he catches Dany checking him out. I think most people think Jorah will try and betray Jon while they’re out past the wall because of his past obsession with Dany but personally I think he’ll realize Jon is a great match for her and die saving him. Anyways back to the meeting – it leads them to deciding to offer a peace with Cersei which means Davos smuggles Tyrion into Kings Landing so we get the Jaime/Tyrion scene here and then on the way out they also pick up Gendry who is rocking a warhammer like his dad, ole king Bobby B. Eventually everyone realizes that there’s not much of a chance of Cersei actually believing in the dead army even if everyone else does so Jon and Jorah decide to lead a party north of the wall to capture a wight and bring it down south to convince her and lock up Dany’s help with the dragons.


Back in Winterfell we see that Arya and Sansa aren’t exactly best friends. As I called out last week, people forget that they kind of hated each other growing up and while they’re happy both are alive that type of tension doesn’t just go away – it’s ingrained in who they are as people. Sansa thinks Arya has no idea how to play politics and Arya thinks Sansa is just in it to be a Lady and to have power, not to actually support Jon as DAKINGINDANORF. So of fucking course Littlefinger decides to use this to drive the sisters apart so that he can remain Sansa’s primary source of council and most likely eventually overthrow Jon with her in his place. As of now, Arya recovered a scroll that Littlefinger wanted her to find – specifically the scroll she wrote back in S1 where she claims Ned really is a traitor and that Robb needs to come bend the knee to Joffrey. Based on what I said above I can see how Arya would take that to mean that Sansa really is more interested in power than her family but if fucking Catelyn the idiot who started everything could figure out that Sansa was clearly being coerced than I’m hoping Arya can too. Would love to see that this was all a Sansa-Arya plot to give Littlefinger enough rope to hang himself and then they kill him and take the Vale.

eastwatch crew.jpg

Finally we end back up at Eastwatch with Jon gathering what might be the most badass crew in all of Westeros to go capture a wight: Jon, Tormund, Jorah, Thoros of Myr, Beric, Gendry, Jorah, and the Hound. That’s basically a who’s who of cool characters and I know there’s a zero perfect chance that they all make it back alive so I’m pretty worried about who’s going to die.

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ALSO Sam and Gilly left the citadel, I didn’t include them above because I hate both those characters but I have to give them a shoutout since Gilly seems to have accidentally found the annulment of Rheagar and Elia’s marriage and proof that Rhegar and Lyanna were married making Jon the actual heir to the Iron Throne. Not sure if that was just for us or if that’ll come up later. Could totally see the show ending with Jon being king through Dany but never finding out he was actually not a bastard.


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