Jerry Seinfeld is releasing his first stand-up special since 1997 and if you’re not excited you’re dead to me

jerry seinfeld

EW – Netflix announced on Tuesday that it will debut the comedian’s new stand-up special on Sept. 19. Titled Jerry Before Seinfeld, the hour-long special will feature Seinfeld telling the jokes “that put him on the comedy map,” from the stage of The Comic Strip, the New York City club that helped to kickstart his career. Jerry Before Seinfeld also will contain previously unreleased material, such as videos from his childhood and the legal pads that contain every joke he’s written since the mid-70s.

On a newly created Instagram account, Netflix Comedy, the streaming platform revealed clips from Seinfeld’s special — including the first joke he ever wrote:

If you’re an American anywhere between age 20-70 you should be pumped this is happening. Jerry is one of, if not the, great comedians of all time and has been killing the game since the 70s. I grew up loving Seinfeld and have probably seen all the episodes way more times than is socially acceptable to admit but I didn’t really take notice of his stand-up career until I was in college and by then he had stopped performing because the show had burned out all of his material. Then a few years ago he started performing again once a month here in NYC and I thought, “Finally I’ll get to see him perform!” but it turns out when you’re poor in New York you can’t afford $100+ tickets to a comedy show.

Then last night I saw this article from Entertainment Weekly and was more excited than I’ve been for any of their other specials – even Chappelle. I’m hoping people actually realize how incredible this opportunity to see one of the best and watch it so many times it crashes Netflix’s servers. If this happens then I guarantee you they’ll just keep sending dump trucks of money to Jerry’s house until he agrees to do more specials with him. BUT even if that doesn’t happen and it goes unappreciated I’m still going to sitting there with a stupid grin on my face. Just listen to that joke in the above clip. Perfect level of corny and funny that no other comedian (besides maybe Larry David) today can hit. Here are a few more clips* that have been posted on Netflix:

*I haven’t watched them because I want to save the jokes for the special but I guarantee they’re amazing because it’s Seinfeld.


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I’m only one finger away from a compliment.

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Easy, easy, easy…

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